S.S.106 Jonica – Maxi plot DG21/04 and DG22/04

S.S.106 Jonica. Maxi plot DG21/04 and DG22/04

Date: 2006
Client: Astaldi s.p.a.
Project Cost: € 35.000.000


The Maxi plot is a mass of works concerning with the fulfillment of the SS106 motorway, from Squillace interchange to Simeri Crichi interchange (more than 17 km), including the extention of the S.S. 280 motorway, from S. Sinato interchange to Germaneto interchange (more than 5 km), in Corace valley. The project at hand concerns with the works for the entrances of eleven doble-barrelled tunnels, developing along an underground path of 13,265 km.