Quality Manual

Quality Manual

INTERPROGETTI s.r.l. (IP), provides support services for construction activities within the civil sector. The offered services include: a)design; b) site supervision; c) commissioning. The term “project”, used in this section, refers to each and any of the offered services.

The Quality System operating within IP is characterised by a structural organization comprising the following roles:

- quality manager (QM)
- project manager
- (PM) project coordinator
- (PC) archive manager (AM)

Such roles correspond to the following duties:
- promoting, developing and checking of the Quality Procedures within the Company
- programming of the project activities and client interface
- project design and checking of the technical aspects
- checking of the organizational aspects of the company having a direct impact on the specific project (documents management, archives management).


The areas and the criteria relevant for each coordinator depend on the objectives of company quality policy, described in the dedicated manual. The quality manager and the archive manager work permanently in this role, whereas the project manager and the project coordinator are appointed on a project basis.

The quality related objectives within the process leading to the design and submission of each project include:
-information completeness in accordance with the client brief, supported by clear contractual documentation
- in time production and delivery
- absence of errors or inconsistent information within each project document, both internal and eternal compliance with legal requirements
- safety, reliability and maintenance possibility of the works designed within each competence sector
- feasibility of the proposed works in relation to tolerances connected to the specific construction process
- efficient use of human resources

The quality manual is organised as follows:
- project activity planning and organization
- procedures for the communication outside the company
- procedures for the design activity
- procedures for the verification and checking
- procedures for submissions
- procedures for archives management
- procedures for client satisfaction