Since 1987 Interprogetti provides its services in several areas of the civil engineering sector including design, consulting, commissioning and site supervision. The company counts 26 collaborators allocated in the Naples and Turin offices. It also operates in group with THP- Consorzio Stabile from 2003.

The activities, carried out with an innovative, multidisciplinary and sustainable approach, aim to solve complex design problems. The highly specialized technical staff works at an international level, is able to use national and international standards, and the latest tools made available on the market as well as the most accredited pieces of software. The company has developed its own Quality Management System and in December 2002 was Quality Certified under ISO 9001:2008 regulation. By promoting attendance to a variety of training and specialization courses, the company looks after the continuous professional development of its staff. The company also seeks a continuous upgrade of its technical tools in so aiming to constantly improve the standard delivered.

The company leadership is also focused on those scientific research aspects that can help achieving excellence in the design activity, by providing a means to improve the quality, reliability and effectiveness of the proposed solutions. Therefore a specific research sector has been created, in which a team of engineers study a series of technical subjects selected on the basis of specific strategic goals established to improve the design activity. Subjects currently being investigated are high-strength fibre-reinforced materials and the strategies for the design of sustainable developments. Interprogetti is ordinary member of the Italian Green Building Council, the local branch of US Green Building Council, present in more than 75 countries in the world and whose scope is to promotes the LEED energetic and environmental certification system.