ing. Giampiero Martuscelli Coordinator and Technical Director
Following his degree in Structural Engineering at University of Naples Federico II, he completed in 1985 a Master of Science in Structural Engineering at Columbia University in New York. From 1985 until 1987 he worked as a Structural Engineer at Weidlinger Associates Consulting Engineers in New York, being involved in a variety of projects including the structural design of the American embassy in Damasco (Syria) and in Nicosia (Cyprus), the structural strengthening of the Goldman Sachs building in New York and the design of an high-rise buildings development in Englewood Cliff, New Jersey.

He continued his professional activity in Italy in 1987, where he founded Interprogetti. (Read the full profile)

Geotechnical  Consultant

prof. ing. Vincenzo Pane

Office Equipment

In the Naples offices, via Brin n.63 and in the Turin office, Corso Svizzera n.185, the following equipment is available:


- 28 design/calculation stations (n.26 Pentium – n.2 AMD Athlon Xp)
- 10 telephone lines
- 1 internet website
- n.2 notebook Toshiba; n.1 notebook Vaio

Peripheral Units:

- n.4 laser printers HP 1000 e HP 1320
- n.3 HP printers A3 format
- n.3 fax canon 410
- n.10 Uninterruptible power supply
- n.2 Samsug Digimax 210SE digital camera
- n.2 scanner A4 canon
- n.1 scanner A3 canon
- n.1 plotter HP 488 Ca
- n.1 plotter HP 500 plus
- n.20 masterizzatori DVD
- n.3 router Zyxel
- n.2 Canon photocopiers IR1600
- n.2 server Compaq
- n.2 Vpn

The following software is also available:

PC Software:

- Windows XP, Microsoft Office 2007,Windows 7;

Specialist Software:

- Autocad rel. 2007-2010-2011
- Contabilità Bridge
- Midas GEN e Midas GTS
- Etabs 7.19 -Computers Inc. Berkeley
- Sap 2000 – Computers Inc. Berkeley