A4 Turin/Milan – Bridge on Sesia river

A4 Turin/Milan. Bridge on Sesia river

Date: 2005
Client: Musinet Engineering S.p.a.
Project total cost: € 18.000.000


The viaduct is composed of two separate decks, one for the Milano-Torino driveway and the other for the lane in the opposite direction. The lanes, 17.00m wide, are a composite steel-concrete structure developed as a multiple continuous beams on a rectilinear layout. The structure is composed of five spans: the two lateral ones are 54.10m long whereas the three central ones are 69.60m long.

The metal structure of each deck is composed of four welded beams with inclined webs 2.75m high, at 4.00m and 5.00m spacing. The beams are composed of two couples of boxes, with torsional stiffness provided by top and bottom bracing, truss diaphragms at intermediate position and 4.00m spacing and solid diaphragms located on the top of the piers and of the abutments. The reinforced concrete deck, 17m long, will be realized by using self-supporting Predalles ( 7 cm thick)resting on the upper flanges of the steel beams and fitted with reinforcement truss. The slab is 35cm thick.